I started making this way back in 2005. I uploaded it to a website I called editorartist.com before taking it down a few months later. Somehow the Rock Solid remix I made circulated from there and even became a part of a popular "Berri & Conker's 'Rock Solid Transfusion' Dance Club Party" YouTube video before it was taken down recently. I continued to tweak the album gradually over a number of years and wanted to perfect it some more before releasing it again. Perhaps I'll do that someday, but here's what I have on my hard drive until then!

Conker the King Robin Beanland, Chris Seavor
Beardy, erm, Birdy [No Repeat Edit] Robin Beanland
Windy & Barn Boys [Transition Mix] Robin Beanland
Sad Bees Bad Bees Robin Beanland
Pooland [SFX Mix] Robin Beanland
Olé Robin Beanland
Sloprano [Uncensored Reloaded & N64 Mix] Robin Beanland, Chris Marlow, Chris Seavor
Good Cog Bad Cog [Reverb Mix] Robin Beanland
The Old Chap [Short Edit] Robin Beanland
Ugga Bugga [Reloaded & N64 Mix] Robin Beanland, Chris Seavor
Rock Solid [Original & Transfusion Remix] Robin Beanland, Rabbit In The Moon, Scrappy
Don Weaso Robin Beanland
Surf Punks [Short Edit] Robin Beanland, Dweezil Zappa, Nile Rodgers
Bats Robin Beanland
Undead [Reloaded & N64 Medley] Robin Beanland
Sole Survivor [Medley] Robin Beanland
Efin' Spiders Robin Beanland
Going Down? Robin Beanland
Enter the Vertex [Reloaded & N64 Mix] Robin Beanland
Conker the King Reprise [No Repeat Edit] Robin Beanland, Chris Seavor
Live [E3 2003 & Game Mix] Robin Beanland
Beach Dead [Action Edit] Robin Beanland
Castle von Tedistein [Short Edit] Robin Beanland
A Bridge Too Narrow & Three Towers [Future War Mix] Robin Beanland
The Ditch [Action Edit] Robin Beanland
The Horror, the Horror Robin Beanland