I have compiled pages from Nintendo Power magazine into collections that focus on individual games featured in the Super NES Classic (plus Super Mario 64 to celebrate Super Mario Odyssey). I've done some light editing to some of the images to make them fit better when viewing two pages at a time in landscape orientation. If you use double page view, look for an option in the CBZ app that treats the cover as a separate page. This collection also includes the Nintendo Power comics (the Super Metroid comic should be viewed in single page view).

If you need a free app on Windows 10 that can open CBZ files, Comix is the one I use:


If you need a free app on Android that can open CBZ files, Perfect Viewer is the one I use:


If you need a free app on iPad that can open CBZ files, ComicFlow is the one I use:


If you need a free app on iPhone that can open CBZ files, CloudReaders is the one I use:


My source for Act 6 from the Star Fox comic was this website (although I belive the original scanner was a Star Fox fan website):


The Zelda comic pages were converted from the official Zelda website by David Butler. You can download more Zelda comics from this website:


Most of the pages were scanned by contributors to Retromags. You can download full Nintendo Power issues from their website: